Victoria | Spain

In 1915, in a small village of La Rioja, Gregorio had the idea of creating a pair of plimsolls. He gave them his first lover's name, his wife Victoria. During the last 100 years, many people have worn Victoria on their feet.  We have always thought that in order to make love last for years, you should take care of it day by day. This philosophy has brought us to these days and it will make us continue for other hundred years.  First love is forever.  Victoria, made in Spain since 1915.

Dear World

Throughout the last century, Victoria´s family has grown and our shoes get now further than ever. But we know that walking worldwide has a Price, our planet is in danger and we are not going to turn our back to it. That is why we want to do our bit to avoid further damaging the environment working from our new intelligent building and producing a large part of our collections locally in order to decrease transport and therefore, CO2 emissions. DISCOVER OUR PROYECT DEAR WORLD!

Victoria Commitments

Anos 50 :The vulcanization technique got incorporated into the production and our canvas Inglesa was born made out of natural rubber and 100% organic cotton grown in Spain

2014 : Special "Remember Edition". A percentage of the sales was donated for Alzheimer’s research

2019 : Sustainable and innovative infrastructure that reduces environmental impact. Achieving a positive balance, what means we generate more energy than we consume

2020 : 70% of our models are made of vegetable oils instead of mineral ones

Abril 2021 : 42 models from the SS21 collection will have recycled materials in their structure