As the blazer death knell rings, and your blazers move deeper into your closet or into the coffin-like box next to your closet, our linen overshirts are natural replacements. Certainly one can wear solid canvas and solid linen overshirts, but what fun is that? Looking back at 1950s blazer-clad men, you'd find ebullient plaids and patterns, and this should be applied to the modern blazer of today - the overshirt.

Here, we offer our Linen Overshirt in a gorgeous indigo stripe. The base, again, provides the natural linen color for easy matching and wearability with all of your summer garb.

  • Linen Cotton Blend
  • Washed for softness and drapeyness
  • Made responsibly in India
  • Fabric Milling: This fabric was designed by and milled exclusively for Corridor

CORRIDOR Natural Linen Stripe Overshirt