COAL X Austen Sweetin


Longtime Coal ambassador Austen Sweetin has ascended the ranks of the elite snowboarding hierarchy
by carving an arc all his own. From spicy backcountry lines to park features, he’s known for charging as fast
and hard as anyone out there, and with an infectious positivity that’s impossible to ignore. Austen brings this same enthusiasm to literally everything he touches.  From skating, film photography, and guitar, to dialing in Vancouver Island’s complex surf setups, to off-grid residential construction, this native Northwesterner and all-around good citizen never fails to inspire.


So when we approached him about a new signature beanie for the FW19 Collection, we weren’t surprised at all when he jumped right into the design process and challenged us to create a piece that met his standards for function, style, and sustainability. “We humans inevitably generate a lot of waste and have a carbon footprint; that’s just reality,” he said. “But by being conscious of the things we create and consume, we can individually make an impact.” So together we designed a fresh new cuffed silhouette using a
blend of virgin fiber and Polylana®, a game-changing new fiber that uses 76% less energy and 85% less water, and emits 76% less waste than conventional acrylic manufacturing. “Every little bit counts, so I’m super proud to be incorporating Polylana® into my new Shuksan beanie!”


This Signature Special Edition was named for one of the most iconic peaks in the North Cascades, bordering one of the most iconic snowboard spots in the world. Drive the length of the Mount Baker Scenic Highway for the jaw-dropping grand finale view of Mount Shuksan, and you might consider quitting your life and moving to the North Cascades. With a new home in Glacier, Austen has decided to do just that. The Shuksan beanie is Coal’s nod to Austen’s ever-evolving and always inspiring path!


  • Mid Length.
  • Cuffed styling
  • Rib upper, with waffle rib cuff
  • Embroidered coastal mountain art
  • Material: Polylana®
  • Sold in three pack by color

Coal The Shuksan

HK$390.00 Regular Price
HK$234.00Sale Price