The Limited Edition of BRANCO x Knapsack Heritage Bracelet. The BRANCO design team inspired by Native American jewelry. The original Heritage series is produced from two refined materials that have been part of Navajo culture for centuries: silver and turquoise. The Knapsack team designed to add white howlite. Turquoise symbolizes wisdom and truth and white howlite symbolizes power and healing.


Apart from the materials. The Knapsack team designed to make it thinner than the original one. They think that is more comfortable and easy to carry with your daily mix and match.


  • Material : Heishi Beads, White Howlite and Sliver
  • Approximately : 4 mm high
  • Size : S, M, L
  • BRANCO x Knapsack tin box and muslin bag
  • Handmade in USA


Small : 6.5”-7” (17cm)

Medium : 7”-7.5” (18cm)

Large : 7.5”-8” (19cm)


BRANCO x Knapsack Heritage Bracelet

  • Size Inches Centimeters
    S 6.5 - 7 17
    M 7 - 7.5 18
    L 7.5 - 8 19

    sizes are approximate