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A new Norwegian brand.  The time has come for something new for school children!

The super-light school bags from Frii of Norway® are based on knowledge and competence from many years of experience. General manager, Roy Kjøstvedt, has worked to develop good quality school bags for over 20 years. He knows what the criteria are for a bag with good carrying properties and quality that lasts. With a burning heart to make the best school bags, the brand "Frii of Norway®" has been developed together with designers Vibeke Sagen Dale and Cecilie Kyllingstad.

Vibeke, Cecilie and Roy have their own children, and know what one values ​​as parents when choosing products for the children. Everyone agreed that the bags that were on the market before were very heavy for small backs, and trying and developing a lighter school bag became the challenge they set out on. The backpack still had to contain important criteria such as quality and good functionality, as well as have a new and inviting design. The cool illustrations are made by Ingunn Dybendal.

The retro-inspired 22L school bags from Frii of Norway®, have been developed with both mother and child more interested in design now than before, and are happy to choose a 1st class bag that will fit in the girl's or boys' room. For us, it is important that design and functionality go hand in hand. The bag's adventurous design, with soft colors and motifs from the children's dream world, is so delicate and exciting, that it is just as nice for a 1st class as for a third!