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Consciously Baby | USA

Quality, Unique Shoes for your littles

Consciously Baby is a “modern-boho” footwear brand for newborns up to five-year-old toddlers. We design timeless, yet modern shoe styles in neutral/earthy tones that give them a soft boho feel right out of the box. With every collection, we aim to design versatile shoes that can be dressed up or down for any occasion, in colors and styles that can easily match just about any outfit. We are also working on bringing in more gender-neutral heirloom designs that can be shared between siblings and passed down through generations.


Responsibly Manufactured

At Consciously Baby it is our mission to promote a more conscious lifestyle for our children at the earliest stage possible. We wholeheartedly believe in a sustainable future and we are constantly working towards becoming a more eco-friendly + sustainable brand.   

Our shoes are currently hand-made one by one in partnership with dedicated factories who employ artisans, pay them fair wages, and provide a safe and positive work atmosphere.

We aim to choose only sustainably sourced materials to make our shoes, which is why all of our shoes are made from Leather (a biodegradable and very soft material that is highly recommended for baby’s growing feet.) Our Leather is ethically sourced from local farmers who raise their animals with care and respect.

Although we currently do not have a Vegan Leather line, rest assured this is something we have on our radar and are actively working towards. We are working to find the most ecological material with a similar feel to Leather that will also be durable and soft enough to meet our high quality standards for baby shoes. 

Responsibly Packaged

At Consciously Baby we're doing our part to minimize packaging waste + plastic usage by using recycled carton boxes to package our shoes.  There are so many ways you can upcycle our shoe boxes into useful new things! They’re especially great for inventive storage solutions for your child's room.

Giving Back

300 million children around the world don't have shoes. At Consciously Baby we believe in contributing to our society by giving back to those in need. At the end of each season, we organize all of the imperfect pairs of shoes and samples that were not sold, and we donate them to various Foster Children foundations around the world!